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About Diversified Wood Products

Diversified Wood Products is a sales company that focuses in two primary areas of the lumber business. The first is high end Doug-Fir, Cedar, and other North American West Coast species. The second is the other end of the spectrum, the low grade and dunnage products used by shippers, craters, steel producers and secondaries, where wood is used to facilitate handling.

The first area, high end Doug-Fir and other North American West Coast species, are produced exclusively on an as-ordered basis, from hand peeled poles and logs to CVG timbers, planks, and beams. These items are made to exacting specifications. Because of the highly customized milling for these pieces, and such differing end uses, please feel free to contact our representative for pricing, availability, and suitability to your particular need. 253-209-4868

The second area of our focus deals mainly with lower grade products for various industries that have a need for wood that is used for many types of packing and crating, truck bed blocking, cribbing for riggers and cranes, plywood used for various infrastructure projects, protection during construction, barricading, and other similar uses.

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